Dear {{Name}},

Good day to you~

This letter is sent to provide more information on the developments at XXXXXXXX. Our factory resumed work from early of March, and as of today, we have never stop any production.

Two significant developments have occurred over the last thirty days that have had a positive effect on our company.

The first, and most important, is the performance of our production, the capacity in May of 2020 have been exceed our turnover of May 2019.

The second is we have successfully negotiated with our shareholders to increase more investment for R&D, the new products will be presented to our customers continuously.

We are very grateful to you for working with us during the pandemic. While the future course of the pandemic is uncertain, we know we can partner together to come out on the other side and be able to better serve you and employees.

If anything we can do more for you, pls. feel free to let me know.

Hope your team is staying healthy.



Hi {{Name}},

Good day,How are you?

As the epidemic eased, countries have began to gradually resume work.And the market has slowly recovered. Something changed in the world, for example,

  • Video Conference call instead of traditional meeting.

  • The chance to work at home continuously.

  • "Online shop" replaces "offline shop"

  • Business to be better or closed.

As one of your potential business partners, maybe it’s very good time for us to seek some new opportunities inside of the crisis.

We are ready to show you the solutions more than workshop, showroom, new products on live .

Please share your questions and thoughts, and when are you available to make an online video conference call with us?

Stay Healthy and take care!